Why Organizational Growth Mindset Matters

Discover how organizational growth mindset creates a more flexible, positive, and engaged workplace.

Research shows organizations with a growth mindset empower employees and are more likely to set them up for success. A staff that embraces growth mindset views change as an exciting challenge, rather than a demotivating threat. This leads to more agility and engagement, and a higher degree of adaptation in the face of change.

Join Dr. David Rock (Director, NeuroLeadership Institute) and Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson (Senior Consultant, NeuroLeadership Institute) to explore some of the research and theory behind organizational growth mindset– what it is and how leaders can recalibrate systems and encourage people to champion it.

Participants will dig into case study data from some Fortune 200 companies and get a brief overview of Adapt, NeuroLeadership Institute’s scalable learning solution that helps organizations embrace growth mindset.

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