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Stay up to date on the latest research, workplace innovations, and learning opportunities.

Embrace a multifaceted, brain-based approach to organizational learning. Learn about the “ingredients” that make a compelling and sticky learning experience, how to dramatically simplify and increase the effectiveness of leadership development, and reduce noise and raise the signals of learning.

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Membership Briefings Hosts

Dr. David Rock

CEO & Founder

Khalil Smith

VP, Consulting

Andrea Derler, Ph.D.

Director of Industry Research

Kamila Sip, Ph.D.

Director of Neuroscience Research

Michaela Simpson, PhD

Senior Researcher

Barbara Steel

Practice Lead, Performance

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Membership Briefing: How the Pandemic Impacts our Psychology

Join our Head of Industry Research, Andrea Derler as she previews our latest findings on the effect of COVID19. During this time she will discuss the pandemic's impact on your employees psychological wellness and ability to work, and what it means for their confidence in your organizations’ survival. More importantly, learn how your organization can...


Membership Briefing: Culture in Turbulent Times: Priorities, Habits and Systems in Action

At NLI, we define culture as “shared everyday habits.” When our shared everyday habits change, intentionally or not, our culture changes. Listen to Deb Campbell as she discusses how to use PHS (priorities, habits, and systems) to preserve your culture in spite of the habits impacted by COVID-19, and to intentionally evolve your culture to...


Membership Briefing: Leveraging the Check-in During Disruptive Times

During these disruptive times, organizations have adapted their performance management requirements. Talent leaders have said the rapid changing business environment and shifting strategic business demands make it challenging to fulfill performance management related responsibilities. Organizations are realizing, however, the importance of building and nurturing connection with employees is paramount during VUCA times and the check-in...


Membership Briefing: The Importance of Good Coaching in Organizations

In times of change, we rely on our leaders for guidance and support. However, not all leaders feel comfortable coaching, or haven't figured out how to help employees feel psychologically safe enough to voice their questions or experiences. Join Jon Martin as he reviews techniques to help you to become a better coach and leader....


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