Summit 2018 Promises & Perils of Power

Become a member to access this content or log in now.Power isn t just something leaders wield over others. In fact, science shows that power has power over leaders.

In Promises and Perils of Power, we will dive into the many ways that power filters the way people think, feel, and behave. Power frames almost everything leaders need to do to succeed, from pursuing goals to guiding people to assessing risk. These are often unconscious processes, but science can help us become aware of them.

It s important to understand that power s promises and perils exist for everyone. To create the future we want, we need to not only care about who gets power, but also equip them to wield it wisely.

Join groundbreaking researchers in the field, including Columbia s Adam Galinsky and NYU Stern s Batia Wiesenfeld, who will detail the cognitive mechanics of power as they relate to organizational dilemmas.

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