Summit 2018 Future Think

Become a member to access this content or log in now.The 1937 Hindenburg disaster. The 2008 financial crisis. The 2018 Super Bowl.

Engineers, financial experts, statistical analysts, and many other intelligent people routinely fail to make predictions that become reality. Not because the human brain is ill-equipped to deal with vastly complex information, but because we don t always recognize when we re working with an incomplete picture.

Making matters worse, the speed and scope of technological development has put enormous amounts of information at our disposal, creating even more noise in decision-making.

But science can equip us to make smarter choices with imperfect information, act more rationally, and navigate what we don t know.

We re starting this year s Summit precisely from that opportunity. Join noted futurist Bob Johansen and neuroscientist Kevin Ochsner to discuss the best tools for thinking about the future and how organizations can thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.

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