Select Better: How Managers Can Reduce Bias in Hiring

Despite millions of dollars spent on diversity initiatives, the workforce still suffers from a diversity gap that has not yet been effectively addressed. Bias during hiring decisions remains one of the core challenges in solving this problem. We believe a central issue in addressing bias in hiring is that there is not just one opportunity for bias to influence hiring decisions. Rather, there are three unique stages—resume review, interviewing, and choosing a candidate—that make up a hiring decision, and each is susceptible to bias in distinct ways. Research on the neural bases of cognitive bias suggests, moreover, that each stage requires distinct bias mitigation strategies. We outline which specific biases are important to address at each stage, and the ideal steps to take to mitigate these. Furthermore, when addressing bias at each of these stages in a hiring decision, we propose that organizations need to take bias out of the hiring process, rather than focusing exclusively on taking bias out of people.

Watch the video featuring Dr. Josh Davis, Head of Research at the NeuroLeadership Institute.

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