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Select Better: How Managers Can Reduce Bias in Hiring

By Kamila E. Sip, Jay J. Van Bavel, Tessa V. West, Josh Davis, David Rock, Heidi Grant

Diverse teams perform better, and ultimately improve an organization's bottom line. But there's still a diversity gap in the workforce, despite attempts to make hiring managers less biased.First of all, many of these biases are unconscious. Neuroscience says we can't take bias out of the person. Instead, we have to take bias out of the hiring process.Second, bias in hiring isn't just one problem to solve. Selection involves three unique stages—Resume review, Interviewing, and Choosing a candidate—that each involve different kinds of decisions. What's key is that different decisions involve different biases, and different biases require different mitigation strategies.This paper details which biases are most active at each stage of selection, and how to use The SEEDS Model® to mitigate them.

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