Membership Briefing: Unlock Performance by Asking for Feedback

The only way we can learn and get better is through feedback — to learn how we can improve and where we want to double down.

The trouble is, we tend to avoid feedback conversations like the plague. It’s hard to know what kind of feedback is useful for others, and we aren’t always receptive to other’s criticisms of our performance.

But better feedback discussions aren’t impossible. As research shows, we respond much differently to feedback that we’ve asked for versus feedback that others gave us unprompted. This key insight forms the basis for NLI’s philosophy that all organizations should develop a culture of asking for feedback.

Join us for an upcoming Corporate Members briefing on the Neuroscience of Better Feedback, where Dr. Kamila Sip (Director of Neuroscience Research, NLI) will unpack the effects of feedback on the brain and explain how a culture of feedback can help organizations reach new heights.

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