Membership Briefing: Transform Performance Management with a Growth Mindset

Our brains often get stuck on first impressions and biased assessments of others. For leaders, this can make it difficult to accurately evaluate changes in employees’ performance over time.

Fortunately, NLI’s research shows that a growth mindset is the key to effective performance conversations. In fact, more than half of all companies we interviewed last year are leveraging a growth mindset approach to create sustainable performance management transformation.

In this webinar, Andrea Derler (Director of Industry Research, NLI) will discuss the relevant science behind a growth mindset approach to performance management and explore how companies are using this approach to:

  • Help employees be more open to feedback
  • Prepare managers to evaluate performance more fairly
  • Create more collaborative team cultures and working environments

If you’re a leader who wants to adopt a growth mindset and see real transformation in performance management, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

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