Membership Briefing: The Neuroscience of Learning

The NeuroLeadership Institute’s review of the research suggests corporate learning programs often miss key ingredients: the “what” and the “how” of learning. When programs lack coherence, lessons are easy to forget, because they don’t relate to one another. This is why many learning programs fail. When programs have coherence, they stick with learners far longer and have a much greater impact on how people work and behave. This is the “what” of learning.

The “how” of learning refers to the best methods for program structure. From one segment to the next, how do we orchestrate learning in a way that leads to most efficient recall? Attendees will learn about a research-informed framework that contains four key elements: Attention, Generation, Emotion, and Spacing.

Leaders who want to learn more about the importance of the “what” and “how” of learning are invited to attend NLI’s this Corporate Membership briefing.

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