Goal Pursuit and Self-Regulation: The Science of Enhancing Goal Attainment for Ourselves and Others

Discover the research shaping the future of performance management. Explore organizational trends, legal myths, and how to handle total rewards in the new world of PM.
Explore new research on self-control and its influence on goal attainment, that won Dr. Marina Milyavskaya this year’s award.

The NeuroLeadership Application of Science Award recognizes scientists who conduct innovative, thorough, and insightful research that contributes to bridging the gap between science and application.

Contrary to popular belief, self-control does not fuel goal attainment. Dr. Marina Milyavskaya’s research found that in fact, it can derail it. Instead, it is the ability to avoid situations in which self-control is needed to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals. Learn more about Marina’s discovery here.

Join us for this members-only webinar as we congratulate Marina, unpack her latest findings, and discuss how to effectively apply them in the workplace.

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