2018 D&I Insight Lab: How We Look, How We Think, When it Matters

About the Insight Lab:

You’ve been to other D&I conferences. You’ve learned why Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are important, but you’re ready for more: more research, more case studies, more progress.

If you’re ready to tackle the next level of implementing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy, NeuroLeadership Institute Insight Labs allow you to problem solve with pioneers in the industry and your peers to learn and advance the field in a highly interactive learning experience.

Uncover the science and the case studies that go beyond the why and get actionable insights for the how.

About the Session:

  • Discover what neuroscience has to say about the harmonious role of identity diversity (e.g. how we look) and cognitive diversity (e.g. how we think)
  • Understand how different types of diversity play a significant role in building and maintaining smarter teams
  • Engage in robust debate and dialogue as you work through ways to engage the right diversity, at the right times

Panel: Dr. Jacqui Grey, Joanne Lipman, Weston McMillan, and Dr. Valerie Purdie Greenaway

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