2017 Performance Management Insight Lab – Morning Sessions

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About the Insight Lab:

Take the guesswork out of transforming performance management. Learn from the pioneers shaping the future.

The number of organizations making significant changes continues to grow. Immerse yourself in the latest industry research and learn directly from leading minds who are revolutionizing the field.

Develop a fresh perspective and a research-driven strategy for your organization.

About the Sessions:

Kickoff – State of Performance Management – Josh Davis & David Rock (NLI)

What’s new, what’s next?

Next Generation Goal SettingHeidi Grant (NLI),  Jeff Jacobs (Juniper), Meagan Gregorczyk (GE), Kris Duggan (BetterWorks)

At today’s pace of change, annual goals are completely forgotten by year-end, and cascading goals are distinctly non-agile. Discover new research in this space and new, agile goal setting approaches from the field.

Continuous Feedback: How to Create a Culture of FeedbackTessa V. West (NYU), David Rock (NLI), Roxanne Bisby Davis (Cisco), Tracey Underwood (IBM), Liz Friedman (Microsoft), Rajeev Behera (Reflektive)

Traditional approaches to providing feedback fail to deliver the performance improvement people need, at the time they need it. Explore the science and practice of how to create a culture of continuous feedback in your organization.

Getting to Better ConversationsDavid Rock (NLI), Heidi Grant (NLI), Angela Szymusiak (Adobe), Kathryn Guggenheim (CA Tech), Tracy Russell (Cigna), Marianne Jackson (eBay), Andee Harris (HighGround)

Talent executives disagree on a lot. One thing they all agree on is that managers need to be better at having quality conversations with their direct reports. Explore the many different ways organizations are experimenting with lifting manager capability and accountability for having better conversations.

Audio recording from NeuroLeadership’s 2017 Performance Management Insight Lab in Santa Clara, California, June 2017. 

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