2017 Performance Management Insight Lab – Afternoon Sessions

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About the Insight Lab:

Take the guesswork out of transforming performance management. Learn from the pioneers shaping the future.

The number of organizations making significant changes continues to grow. Immerse yourself in the latest industry research and learn directly from leading minds who are revolutionizing the field.

Develop a fresh perspective and a research-driven strategy for your organization.

About the Sessions:

Take the Bias out of Performance ManagementHeidi Grant (NLI), Kevin Delaney (Linkedin), Christie Zeigler (Providence Health), Mary Slaughter (North Highland Consulting)

Every manager views an employee’s performance through the lens of his or her own bias. That bias impacts the validity and effectiveness of performance feedback and appraisals. Discover the SEEDS® model of bias and learn from cutting edge interventions that take the bias out of the PM process.

Call for Case StudiesDavid Rock & Heidi Grant (NLI)

“Open mic” session to give participants the opportunity to share useful case studies on any topic related to their journey to transform PM.

Compensation Without RatingsJosh Davis (NLI), Ashley Willms (NLI), Ted Slaughter (Autodesk), Chris Mason (Patagonia), Mirco Gros (Ring Central)

Compensation continues to receive a low score on engagement surveys and remains the focus of constant challenge. As performance management, transparency expectations, and career expectations shift, organizations need to rethink their compensation strategies. Explore new approaches to compensation that address today’s complex world and changing expectations.

The Future of PM: From AI to Predictive AnalyticsBeth Jones (NLI), Abbas Golestani (IBM), Evan Wittenberg (Box), Mike Pino (Cognizant)

Recent advances in AI open up new opportunities. Many organizations aim to use predictive analytics in lieu of the traditional descriptive data to make better people decisions. Learn about the exciting future of performance improvement through the use of AI and predictive analytics.

Closing RemarksDavid Rock (NLI)

Audio recording from NeuroLeadership’s 2017 Performance Management Insight Lab in Santa Clara, California, June 2017. 

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