How The Permanente Medical Group is Transforming Leadership

Learn how The Permanente Medical Group: Diablo Service Area embraced coaching to lift the quality of conversations and boost creativity.

What started as a model of “telling and doing” at TPMG DSA is now a well-oiled machine for leadership development. Managers are asking questions instead of solving problems, and employees are finding their own solutions, empowering them to make changes.

By changing the way people speak to one another, TPMG DSA was able to improve its performance. Recent surveys have shown the new model has produced remarkable behavior change and lasting impact.

Join Linsey Dicks (TPMG DSA) and Dr. David Rock (NLI) for an in-depth look at TPMG’s journey. Linsey and David will dig through the science of social rewards and threats, and discuss the key points of TPMG’s partnership with NLI that helped the medical group find lasting success.

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